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Postnatal with Bub


Restore, have fun & meet other mothers from the Hills!


The practice of yoga after birth will facilitate rapid return of physical efficiency. Our Postnatal Yoga
with Bub classes focus on restoring balance and on supporting the body
to return to its
optimum condition.

After birth:
In your first month after birth it is beneficial to resume your breathing and relaxation practice at home daily. Breathing will assist in gently toning your abdominal organs and muscles while relaxation will promote peacefulness, remove fatigue and build your energy.

During the first 3 months after birth it is important to avoid exercises such as running, jumping and
abdominal strengtheners that are strenuous and that can exert downwards pressure on your
abdominal organs, uterus and pelvic floor.

When: Mondays 10.00-11.00am. 

Costs 2017:                                                                                

There is no extension on passes.  You can make up by attending other classes without bub.
Please contact us for availability. 

8 class pass: $160.00 valid 10 weeks
Bookings are required 2 weeks prior to starting date.


Our Postnatal classes are suitable from 2 months post-partum. You need a clearance from your doctor if you had a c-section birth. Breathing and relaxation is included. You will have the freedom to care for your baby during the class. (breast feed etc). 

YOU NEED TO bring a blanket for your baby to place him/her on the floor & any accessories you need for her. Yoga equipment is provided for the mother.

Please do not bring strollers to class, also avoid noisy toys.

Please arrive 10 minutes early.


To restore, nourish, rebuild, re-balance, relax, strengthen & improve functions, to build up muscles of abdomen, reduce fat, tone & strengthen

Pelvic floor & abdomen to restore tone & strengthen:

Lower/upper back to strengthen & release tension

Neck & shoulders to strengthen and release tension from breast feeding

Remove postnatal fatigue & build energy