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60+ Beginners
Yoga for Seniors



Yoga for Seniors is intended for seniors who require support for their practice. Props such as chairs and ropes are used to reduce  lower limbs loading, assist correct alignment, provide stability and facilitate muscle activation.

Yoga experience is not required. Participants should be able to get up and down from the floor unaided. 

The class is ran by an experienced teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience in a caring and professional environment.

A Doctor's clearance is required to attend this class if you have a medical condition.

TERM 2 Thursday 2 May - 4 July


When:  9.30-10.30am

Cost: Seniors Discounted Pass

$200/term (normally $250)

$25.00/class (normally $29.00)

Although challenging at times I really enjoy the classes. Corinne is very passionate about all aspects of yoga, she is an excellent teacher and is very caring and understanding with any aging or physical conditions the students may have. The props used and alternative poses are very helpful to everyone and allow for all student’s capabilities.

Yoga has not only helped me with my overall fitness, flexibility and learning to challenge myself but also with the mental aspect of learning to calm oneself.


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