Yoga Ethics

Hills Yoga

Yoga starts with Yama (ethical discipline & moral attitude) and Niyama (self-discipline)

For your benefit and other students please;

Keep your voice down when waiting in the corridor. Students in class will be in Savasana

Arrive on time to set up for your practice (15 minutes early or more if you need to make a


Take your shoes off when you enter and place your belongings on shelves.

No mobiles in the yoga space. If you have a mobile switch it off or leave it in the car. For

the benefits of our students we endeavour to create a peaceful environment and a clean

space for our yoga practice. Pollution comes in many ways, one of them is mobile phones.

Settle on your mat quietly so as not to disturb students already settled on their mats.

Refrain from flapping your mats or dropping equipment.

Clean feet. If you perspire profusely and are using our yoga mat, please bring a towel to

place on the mat during sitting poses. For hygiene we recommend having your own mat.

Avoid perfume. It can be disturbing to some students and those allergic to strong smell

and in particular in pregnancy classes.

Avoid moisturiser.  Cream on your skin, specifically on hands and feet is not safe.

Practise on an empty stomach. A minimum of 4 hours should be allowed after a full meal. Pregnant students may have a small snack (fruit, crackers) if they need to 1 hr before class.

Wear comfortable clothes but not baggy.

Avoid necklaces as they can interfere with inverted poses.

Refrain form smoking and alcohol before your class. One aspect of yoga is about cleanliness and detoxification, not only will it help you with your practice but also it will keep your yoga space free of unpleasant odours that can disturb other students.

Avoid drinking during your class, this cools down your body and interferes with your energy. Hydrate before and after the class.

Menstruation. Let your teacher know if you are menstruating. Inverted poses are not recommended during this time and best to rest during the first days. 

Replace the equipment neatly so you and other students can find them in right place and shape ready for practice.

A regular and consistent practice will help you build your understanding of yoga. It will ensure progress and benefits. It is better to attend weekly than having a sporadic practice and have to start from scratch each time.

Thank you and enjoy your class!

Hills Yoga