Hills Yoga

Hills Yoga

We have been offering yoga, meditation and specialised classes to the Hills community since 1999.


  • our classes are suitable for all levels of practice, from beginners to experienced students.

  • The studio is conveniently located in the heart of Castle Hill and is fully equipped.


  • Our teachers are highly skilled with years of teaching & personal practice and undergo regular training in yoga and health related modalities. 

  • The style of yoga taught at Hills Yoga is alignment focused and incorporates static and vinyasa-style asanas.

  • Classes start with Asana practice which may include static postures and/or dynamic flow sequences. Asanas may be performed with modifications to suit the individual needs. Individual focus and personal instruction is provided as needed. Breath work when included in a session is practised after Asanas. Each class ends with deep relaxation.

We recognise that we are all different and students are encouraged to work at their own level keeping their awareness inwards so as to develop inner connection. As students deepen their practice self-correction is encouraged in view of becoming in charge of ones own practice and developing self-mastery.


"I have benefited greatly from the yoga practice at Hills Yoga which I have been diligently attending since 2012. 


I was so delighted when I joined Corinne's school. I just felt I had finally found the right teachers. It has done wonders for my body on all levels. The teachers are excellent and work with such passion, dedication and a deep understanding of Yoga. I keep recommending Hills Yoga to clients and friends. 

I have also met some amazing people who have been there much before me almost since the beginning of the school and this has lead to true friendships over the years. I am grateful to the Divine for leading me to Hills Yoga."


Farida Irani, Subtle Energies

"I started coming to Hills yoga when I was pregnant with my son, I absolutely loved practicing through my pregnancy and I fell in love with Corinne's style of teaching. Now my practice keeps me sane and I travel 1/2 hour to continue learning from Corinne. The classes are challenging and rewarding and the environment and community at Hills Yoga is wonderful." 

Samantha Christensen, Christensen Photography

"I have attended other studios but the point of difference here is that the teacher's come and check and assist your alignment and may even give you the extra nudge in the pose which is always an added bonus. They also have such an array of equipment to use which allows you to deepen your pose! All round Awesome!"

​Susie Ferreira, Art Teacher