Hip Focus

I.   Class Practice:   Tuesdays 17 & 24 March 

II.  Therapeutics - Home Practice :  Tuesdays 31 March and 7 & 14 April.


TIME:  7.00 - 8.30pm


$60.00 Series I

$110.00 Series II 


Tight muscles pull on the structure causing misalignment in joint and asymmetrical strain. Hip tightness can lead to various problems such as misalignment of the hip, tension in the lower back and knee pain. 


Proper alignment supports function and in our yoga practice it promotes effortlessness, stability and balance as well as efficient use of our body minimising stress on ligaments and joints. Any postural deviation from correct alignment and loading the joint unevenly create strain and stress. 


Sometimes due to restriction or pain we may begin to distort our body in order to reach into the pose, losing correct alignment. Over time we create unhealthy movement patterns, muscle imbalances and poor joint alignment that will wear faster! 


The Hip Series will aim to address alignment and tight muscles.


I.  How to practise with hip restrictions – class practice


A focus on making hip poses more accessible and improving our overall practice.


We will explore simple and useful adjustments and modifications for a series of standing and seated hip poses that can help with increasing/maintaining range of movement without pain while keeping optimal alignment and creating space in the joint.


Students will be able to practise options that will best suit their own needs and incorporate them in their own practice as well as in class. 


II.  Therapeutics for the hip – home practice


A focus on supporting optimal functioning, healthy range of movement and improve circulation by creating space and ease in the hip and groin area as well as releasing tension in the muscles surrounding the hip joint.

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