PowerBirth® FAQS

What is your rate of natural birth?

Data based figures from 2001 to 2006:

Figures were taken from all 700 known outcomes betwen 2001 and 2006. Selection was not done based on most favorable sujects. All outcomes from both primigravida and multigravida women, low risk, any medical conditions were included.

Out of 700 mothers 21%  had a c-section delivery due to either breech, HBP, prem, heart condition, placenta, size, foetal distress, no progress. (National Perinatal Statistics indicates a 29% rate of cesarean in 2004). 


The rest (553) had a vaginal birth: 

67% had NO obstetric intervention (of which 53% had a pain relief free labour & 42% resorted to gas. 5% had an epidural or other pain relief drugs.

33% had obstetric intervention (of which 36% still managed a pain relief free labour & 32% resorted to gas. 23% had an epidural.

Can I take more than one class?

Yes. Some students take both  PowerBirth &  Simply Prenatal Yoga.


How does PB differ from other programs?

PowerBirth starts from the premise that a contraction does not have to be painful, that pain is not a natural occurrence and can be avoided. In many cases painful contractions are the result of external or internal factors not related to the actual contraction, either self produced or induced (eg: mental/emotional states, obstetric intervention, abnormality). PB teaches self-reliance in childbirth and the support person plays a different role.


Do we do yoga postures in PB or just mind training?

Yes, we do both. PowerBirth combines pregnancy yoga and mind training.


Who comes to PB?

Mothers who want to prepare for a natural childbirth and avoid unnecessary intervention, 1st timers and mothers who are coming back with their 2nd or 3rd pregnancy. Women from all walks of life: professionals, business owners, nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers, mothers, university lecturers, executives, natural therapists, fitness instructors, psychologists, physiotherapists. Mothers are either booked in Public or Private Hospitals, Birth Centres or have home births.

I have panic attacks, will the program help? 

Yes. Read on.

"I took your classes so that I can experience an empowering and positive childbirth and to overcome my anxieties surrounding me on a daily basis. I have never experienced a panic attack since starting the classes and the birth of my son was like a dream come true"

Do I need to attend Simply Prenatal Yoga before PowerBrith?

No. However if you have the time SPN is a good preparation for PowerBirth and in particular if you are new to yoga.


I have never done yoga before, will I be OK?

Most mothers have never done yoga before. Our yoga practice is designed for pregnancy and hence most suitable. Mothers are encouraged to work at their own pace and listen to their body.


I had a miscarriage, is it safe to do yoga?

It is recommended to ask your doctor's permission before starting any form of physical exercise.


Can my husband attend with me?

Our pregnancy yoga classes are for expectant mothers only. A couple workshop is included in the PowerBirth course  so your partner gets to know about PowerBirth and how he can best assist you in birth.

Will yoga help with back problems?

Mothers report of release and feeling better when they keep up with their prenatal yoga practice. However if you are experiencing serious back problems you may need the support of a back specialist (chiro, physio, osteo).


What about if I miss a class?

Simply Prenatal Yoga (SPN) passes allow you to make up for classes within the validity of your pass. Make up classes are not available for PowerBirth.


Can I attend casual to see what it's like/if I like it?

Casual attendance or trial is not available for SPN or PB


How long do I need to take classes?

We strongly recommend to continue with your prenatal yoga practice to your due date.