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Yes, Yoga is for teens!

Updated: May 18, 2022

Teenagers lives are hectic. They juggle hormones, peer pressure, relationships, technology, part time work, exams, each and everyday. They become overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

Yoga allows them to connect with what’s going on inside (sometimes a little scary). But seeing it for what it is, knowing that the stories in their heads are usually not true, discovering how the breath can influence their whole overall wellbeing and learning techniques which can begin to quieten the mind. It is a way to get to know yourself, and then become the best version of yourself, honestly.

When teenagers extend their arms in yoga they are also extending their whole wellbeing. In sun salutations they are learning to ride the ups and downs of life. When they align their bodies in poses they are actually aligning themselves towards optimal health. When alignment is incorrect for example slouching from sitting all day or perhaps hyper-extension from too much flexibility, energy gets stuck in their bodies then yoga helps break through barriers allowing efficient energy to permeate through their whole body.

Teenagers have a lot of love, understanding and knowledge that is why I love teaching them so much. At the end of every class as we settle into savasana (final resting pose) a sense of surrender, letting go and peacefulness fills the room, which is truly an amazing place to be.


Denise, Hills Yoga Teacher


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