Simply Prenatal Yoga

Let it be health giving, restorative & beneficial

"Could not do PowerBirth unfortunately, but these classes kept me fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy!"


Casual attendance & trial not available.

Your payment is required before you can start your classes.


5 pass: $100 valid 6 weeks  

Yoga Chart $20.00 cash (buy in class)

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Your payment is required before you can start your classes.

Our Simply Prenatal Yoga is your second best move if you are not doing PowerBirth!

What we do in class: Our purposeful  prenatal yoga is specifically designed for pregnancy. It focuses on alignment, breath, inward attention, lengthening the spine, opening the chest & hips and relaxation. Much of what we do is to counteract bad posture, improper breathing, muscular tightness and low energy mothers may experience during the day.

You will learn: how to care for your back & pelvic floor, how to release sciatica, how to avoid and remedy a posterior bub & breech position, how to prevent and manage varicosity, how to relieve and prevent heart burn and many other conditions you may have during your pregnancy.

Attendance: Regular attendance is necessary to gain benefits from yoga. Mothers who attend our classes weekly during their pregnancy are able to better care for themselves, learn techniques to remedy various undesirable conditions, and ensure wellbeing. 

When to start: anytime past your 1st trimester.

Classes are ongoing throughout the year, except during public and school holidays.

SPN classes can also be taken before starting or in addition to PowerBirth.

Simply fitness & wellbeing

during your pregnancy!

YOGA is a complete system, which works on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. It combines movements, breathing techniques, 

relaxation and meditation.

It is a wonderful and gentle way of keeping your body fit and healthy during pregnancy and preparing for childbirth.

The goal of Prenatal Yoga is to help strengthen your body so that it can better carry the load of pregnancy and to condition it in preparation for childbirth.

The practice of yoga has an energizing and relaxing effect on both the mind and the body. Yoga movements will strengthen the muscles of your lower trunk, and improve blood circulation in your pelvic region. It will maintain flexibility and combat fatigue while relaxation and breathing practice will improve circulation and respiration and relieve physical and mental tension.