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PowerBirth® Stories

Be in charge! Join us for a wonderful childbirth.


I was able to manage with hot water and gas, and got to experience labour and pushing without exhaustion and drugs clouding my ability to cope, which was a large reason I did powerbirth! My first birth was quite traumatic and unbelievably painful. One of the reasons I signed up for powerbirth was because inwas absolutely terrified of giving birth again. I found that by the end of powerbirth I was actually looking forward to going into labour and wasn't frightened at all. I was able to trust my body and relax, releasing rather than building tension as a response to painful contractions. I feel so proud of myself for doing it the way I had wanted, and my recovery afterwards has been so much easier as a result! Thank you so much for everything you taught at PowerBirth. Bernadette 2018

"I used what I learnt in PowerBirth all the way through my labour without giving it any thought. It allowed me to remain calm and completely focused and I felt I had a completely peaceful mind. It was such a natural process, when you spoke about effortlessness during the course I feel this is the best description of what I experienced. I felt absolutely empowered and completely self reliant and the contemplation of drugs never once crossed my mind! Thank you so much Corinne for sharing your skills." Allison 2009

"I did not think about anything I just listened to the shower running. I felt so comfortable that my body was doing as it needed and I just went with it. I was told I was 4 cm dilated and waters had broken. Things were getting very intense but I cannot say that it was painful. Shortly after seeing the midwife I had to call her because I felt like pushing, in disbelief she case. I was fully dilated, everything happened very quickly, I delivered on all fours which felt the most natural for me. From start to finish 5 hours! I truly believe I had such a peaceful experience because of my learning from you Corinne. You always said that with practice that when the time comes I would not need to do anything, it will just happen and yes it did indeed." Nicole 2008


"Whilst my midwife, husband and yourself were extremely positive and supportive of my decision to go with a VBAC, I had come up against a lot of naysayers where I was to give birth and from my in-laws who were convinced of the once a caesarean, always a caesarean theory! I felt a wave of pride surge over me as I birthed my 4kg baby - a drug free, vaginal birth after a caesarean. It was the most physically and mentally challenging thing I had ever done and I would not change a thing! Your classes helped prepare me for the challenge and I can't thank you enough!" Chelsea 2008

"I had a quick and stress free childbirth. I counted them, there were only 5 contractions and very strong, I used my breathing. After forceps and cesarean with my previous labours, it was lovely to actually feel my baby come out and all naturally this time!"   

Patricia, 2004

"I had a fantastic natural vaginal delivery! Such a wonderful experience and so different from my 1st by caesarean. Thank you so much for helping me to really believe I could do it!"  Megan, 2006

"Thank you so much for your guidance and for giving me the confidence to believe in my body as I was able to have a normal birth after a C-section!  Erin, 2009


"They told me that they would have to do an emergency caesarean, again I used my breathing to keep calm. While it was not the birth I had hoped for, PowerBirth helped me look upon childbirth as a beautiful experience to be embraced, it helped me look upon childbirth with peace and calm. The 14 hours before delivery were beautiful and just as I had imagined. Without PowerBirth I would have looked upon birth with fear of pain, instead I looked to birth with much excitment and calm. It was with this peace and calm that I was able to bring relaxation to my body. Thank you so much for all you have given me, the strength, courage and wisdom to embrace this experience!"  Julie, 2008

"I knew I had to be positive. After all I wanted it to be a good birth and that's what I was going to have. Keeping an Inner Smile really helped me. A cesarean is a shock to the system but by keeping positive and preparing for it I was able to enjoy the birth of my baby."  Michelle, Hornsby

"Although the birth did not go to plan, I still found the PowerBirth teachings very useful. Bub was coming down hand first which resulted in a c section, so I went from an all natural birth to a caesarean. I don't think I would have handled the process as clamly as I did without PowerBirth! Thank you for your teachings and can't wait to start Postnatal yoga. Carissa 2008 

HOME BIRTHS                                                                                      

"I felt elated and fantastic afterwards. I stood up throughout the labour and used every bit of help gravity would provide up to the baby's head was born. I used my own resources as I knew I had no pain relief available, breathing, relaxing deeply and talking myself through it"  Nicole, 1st unplanned homebirth, 2000

"I have just enjoyed my second most amazing birth because of your work. My homebirth went better than I could have ever dreamed of and I have two precious healthy children to show for it. See you around for my 3rd!.... I got straight into the pool, knelt down and felt between my legs. I could feel the softest hair I had ever felt waving gently in the pool water. I felt an urge to push but kept my hand flat across his head, not ready yet. I got another urge to push, I birthed his head slowly this time feeling the ring of fire. With the next quick urge I pushed out his shoulders slowly without tear and pulled him up onto my chest and sat in the pool... amazing! 90 minutes later I birthed the placenta, lifted it up to the surface full, complete and beautiful!" Kate, 2nd birth, 1st homebirth, 2010

"Such a wonderful, satisfying and empowering experience! My 1st birth although completely natural, lasted in excess of 20 hours with a lot of intervention. Fortunately this one happened at home! 10.00am I was having a leisurely shower, the water felt great and very relaxing. 10.30am as I was about to get out of the shower I had a show. 11.30am at the end of my most intense contraction my waters broke (naturally this time). While my husband was on the phone with the hospital I had a mild urge to push and with the next contraction I could feel the baby's head crowing. Two contractions later my husband delivered our beautiful daughter! Thanks for helping me with the skill and knowledge to make it possible. Your teaching gave me the confidence in myself and my ability to perform the natural act of birthing my baby, and helped me to remain calm during my unplanned homebirth. I would highly recommend PowerBirth, especially to women who desire a natural and pain free labour." 

Kathy, 2nd birth, 1st homebirth (unplanned), 2008

"My waters broke with a forceful gush, and from then I could feel the baby's head, something I hadn't wanted to do with my other medically managed births... Before long I could feel the ring of fire, and I consciously slowed down a bit so that I wouldn't tear. His head slowly emerged. I could feel an ear, and a shoulder under my perineum, I decided not too wait for another contraction, and I pushed his body out with one more push. I pulled him up out the water which had rinsed him clean. After a few minutes the placenta came out intact and we cut the cord. We were far too excited to sleep, I was completely blissful!"  

 Jen, 3rd birth, 1st homebirth, 2008

"Although the contractions were now very intense I was able to breathe and focus through them without much effort. I went forward onto my knees, I rested my head onto the side of the bath to relax and take energy, and squatted for the contractions. Within a few contractions the baby's head had started to crown and I could feel him there. I was calm and ready, it took 3 contractions to pass his head, and with the next contraction he was born and brought up to the surface. The placenta was born 25 minutes later with me standing. I am very proud of myself! I thank my midwives for their support and care during my pregnancy and their encouragement and kind words during my labour. Thanks to Corinne for her support, assistance and teachings, which I could not have had a second child at all, let alone a homebirth without them!"   Linda, 2nd birth, 1st homebirth, 2007

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