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Kids Yoga

Primary Schoolers 7-12 y.0



Weekly classes since 1999. Corinne Doret the owner of Hills Yoga created this yoga program for children over 20 years ago when kids yoga had not yet been popularised. Corinne has personally taught yoga to thousands of Primary Schoolers supporting their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


Limited to 12 Kids, so places are assigned on a first-come-first-serve. Your payment is your confirmation and must be received prior to commencement of the Term.

A yoga mat is required.

Active Kids Voucher: Please email your voucher with the date of birth of your child. We will then send you the link to complete your payment ($60) and registration.

Your full registration must be received prior to start of term.

Please read "Things You Need To Know" for further info.

Trial: Trial is only available 1st week of the Term and when places are available & booking is required: $20 cash.

Term 3: 

Not available


4.00 - 5.00pm 





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Kids Yoga Hills Yoga
Kids Yoga Hills Yoga.JPG
Kids Yoga Hills Yoga.JPG

A challenging and dynamic class where yoga is taught in a fun way.

Self-awareness is emphasised and children are encouraged to focus on their own potential and abilities, working at their own pace and level, gradually moving onto more challenging postures. In this way not only do they, through the practice of Yoga, develop concentration, physical and mental strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, improve their posture and breathing, but also develop greater confidence in themselves as they become aware of their own unlimited potential and ability to succeed.

Some of the postures are quite challenging and require strength of mind and body, good balance, flexibility, focus and the will and desire to achieve better results each time.

With regular practice children develop balance & co-ordination, mind/body strength & flexibility, concentration & memory, relaxation & self-confidence, better breathing & correct posture, Yoga nourishes their imagination & creativity.

Kids Yoga Hills Yoga.JPG
Kids Yoga Hills Yoga.JPG
Kids Yoga Hills Yoga.JPG
Kids Yoga Hills Yoga.JPG

What we do in Kids Yoga class

  • Yogic Postures - Improve general health, increase focus, maintain/develop flexibility, improve posture and develop balance & coordination, build strength.

  • Breathing Practices - Improves breathing, calm the mind, promote emotional stability.

  • Inner/external Focus - Mind games designed to help develop mental steadiness, greater focus and memory.

  • Story Building - In a fun way this practice develops creativity and stimulates the imagination of the child. Other similar practice aim at developing attention and at increasing memory.

  • Drawing - Improves visualization and creativity.

  • Relaxation - Calms the mind and the body.

  • Story Telling - Develops visualization, imagination, focus and promotes relaxation.

  • Discussions - To stretch the mind and share personal opinions.

  • Visualization - Develops focus, mental calmness, creativity and imagination.

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