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Timetable + Fees

Term 2 
Monday 24 April - Saturday 8 July

Term Break: 10-16 July
Booking is required for all classes studio + online

Please bring your yoga mat and sanitise your hands before entering the studio.
Any symptoms or not feeling well, please stay home. Thank you!

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What's my level?

New to yoga or little experience:


Beginners Course: (our foundation classes) Regardless of your fitness level,  if you are new to yoga, have little experience, or if you wish to start again after a break this is the place to start. You will learn alignment principles and basic standing, sitting and inverted poses.  Read more + book

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60+ Gentle: This class is intended for seniors who require support for their practice. Props such as chairs and ropes are used to reduce  lower limbs loading, assist correct alignment, provide stability and facilitate muscle activation. Read more + book

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Yoga experience:


60+ Experienced: For fit 60+ with yoga experience who need some support for their practice, recovering from an injury or illness.  Booking is required. Read more + book

Level 1: Classes are suitable for students who have completed our beginners course and new students with some yoga experience and a regular practice. You need to know alignment for basic standing and seated poses which are taught in our Beginners course.

We practise standing and seated poses (twists, lateral moves & forwards) as well as basic backbends. Full inversions (shoulder stand, handstand, forearm balance & headstandare not presented in these classes, however we learn the foundation for these poses as well as alternatives when students cannot practised them, so you can move to the next level when ready.

Level 1 teaches you to be present and pay attention to your body responses and to understand personal needs and adjustments. It provides the groundwork to progress your practice in a safe way and prepares you for our Experienced class.

Experienced: Classes are for experienced students with a weekly regular practice of at least one year. This ensures that you have gained enough practice and understand of all the foundation poses. All the work from Level 1 is deepened and weekly practice of handstand, forearm balance, headstand and shoulderstand with or without support. Students are expected to understand the prep work and alignment for inversions and be able to perform these poses at the wall unaided or ready to learn and practise them with aid, you also need to know the alternatives when not practising these poses.

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Flow: A flowing and dynamic style of yoga that synchronises breath and movement in a continuous way through a sequence of poses. Flow has its roots in Sri Pattabhi Jois' traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga hence incorporates Sun Salutation, a key part of its practice. Read more

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This class is intended for students who need support for their practice. The wall, ropes and chairs are used to guide, support and assist correct alignment. This class allows you to continue your practice at the level you’re at - not to diminish but to enhance your practice.  Read more

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Online classes: You need to have some yoga experience to attend online classes. Also online teaching does not allow for personal care of injuries and health issues. Participants need to be able to handle their restrictions during the practice. Full inversions are not included in these classes.  You need  a yoga mat and props or anything that can be used as blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets, chairs would be useful. Read more

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For Everyone:

Yin: This class is suitable for all levels of practice - beginners to experienced practitioners.

Yin yoga is a great complement to more active yoga practice. A slow-paced practice with long passive floor poses typically held for 1 to 5 minutes. A more meditative approach yin yoga invites you to surrender and let go. Read More

If unsure about your level, please check with us.

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1 class: $29

5 classes: $137

8 classes: $210

10 classes: $250

20 classes: $420

Unlimited: $520

$150 6 week/1 class

$180 6 week/2 classes

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