Beginners Yoga


Enrolments are open for Term 1


Get in Early!

Our popular beginners course is for you is you are new to yoga, have little experience or if you wish to start again after a long break.


From week to week classes build upon each other gradually learning the foundations of yoga practice.

We provide individual focus and personal instruction. This clear, practical and well structured course, which has been designed and presented over the past 17 years by our senior teacher and studio owner  Corinne Doret, will give you a firm base on which to grow on own practice.

NOTE FOR TEENS: We only accept year 12

Courses Content:

  • Foundational principles

  • Safe practice and benefits

  • Using props for specific needs

  • Explore and practise basic key postures

  • Deep Breathing

  • Guided relaxation


6-Week Course 

Course Dates:

Monday 30 Jan - 6 March: 6.00-7.00pm

Saturday 4 Feb - 11 March: 10.30-11.30am

1 or 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks plus discounted unlimited yoga pass to complete the term!

Please make sure you can commit to all your classes.


1 session/week $150.00 (Monday or Saturday)

2 sessions/week $180.00 (Monday & Saturday)


Your booking will be locked for the entire 6-week course.

1 session course, please select Monday or Saturday.

2 sessions course, please select both days.


"Come and join us for an inspiring and rewarding start on your yoga journey"

"I have really enjoyed my beginners course with you. I'd tried yoga in the past and not really enjoyed it. This time I feel I am getting a lot out of it and look forward to class each week. The way you explain the poses as well as how yoga affects our body and mind has been very interesting. I have found it starting to help my flexibility and back which can sometimes cause me problems. I have also found it helpful with stress relief. I look forward to continuing with you after the course! Thanks again." 

"I attended the beginners class this term with no prior yoga experience. Both Corinne and Kim were great in presenting fundamental yoga poses in a way I could attempt and follow. There was also a great mix of age in the class which was delightful."

"I really found the way you described and demonstrated what we should be feeling and how to adjust ourselves extremely useful. Thank you so much for your valuable teaching and advice"


"I felt stronger and stretched more parts of my body than any other exercices. It strengthened my mind & body and  I slept so well!"

"It has brought a level of calmness and reduced my shoulder, neck and back pain"

'We really enjoyed our beginners course and were really pleased with the pace and amount we learnt. We had never done yoga before and were a little apprehensive but you made us feel very comfortable. We will definitely be taking more classes to continue to improve our well-being!"