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PowerBirth® Testimonials

Yes, you can also make yours a great experience, and we'd love to show you how!

I had a very positive labour and had the confidence to make it without any drugs. Thank you for your PowerBirth classes, they were invaluable to me in building physical and mental strength  Melinda Wenzel

Thanks again for making what is a scary painful ordeal for some women, an exhilarating wonderful experience for me. At times I yearned for my Monday night class as I knew it was the outlet I needed to get focused again after 6 days of horror stories and negativity! I look forward to seeing you for my next pregnancy. Danielle Lenton 

Thanks for all your support and guidance as I prepared for my babys birth. Your input has been invaluable.  Treena Francis

I feel that what you taught prevented me from using any pain relief at all. So thank you very much Corinne, I am certainly an advocate of your classes and should I be lucky enough to fall pregnant again, I shall certainly come along again Alicia Nowell

I felt elated, a real natural high. I was also very proud of myself for having Blake without any pain relief. Many thanks for your teachings and guidance, without them I know I would not have been able to have a natural birth Alison Langdon

Thank you for your skills and continuous support. You gave me positive feedback and inspiration that it could be done naturally and I will be forever grateful. Giving birth to Bradley was the biggest achievement in my life and I am ecstatic that I can be added to the list of natural birth success stories Melissa Keddie

I was very scared and anxious about labour. PowerBirth was the best way to prepare physically and more importantly psychologically. Thank you for your wonderful classes and for helping to make my experience of childbirth a memorable one.

 Mary Moses

Thank you for helping me believe in myself , trust nature and for your gifts of encouragement, sharing both your energy and inner calm. Your PowerBirth classes and the positive, empowering attitudes you share, allowed for this wonderful childbirth I will always remember with great joy. Nina Bevege

Thank you so much for the wonderful classes and your caring ways. Although I did not have the opportunity for a natural birth, the techniques you taught me helped me relax in a highly anxious situation. Philippa Montie

Thank you for the gift of confidence. Your teachings, your personality and birth stories enabled me to believe in my own ability. I never imagined it would give me incredible focus to have a natural birth! Nicole Murray

Thank you for preparing me on my first babys birth. It was the most amazing experience and the fact it was all natural allowed me to enjoy every moment. Veronica Connelly

Many thanks for your help. Your teaching contributed a great deal to my birth experience. I do not think I would have had the fantastic and quick birth that I had Compared to my 1st pregnancy I felt much more flexible I was talking myself through it and relaxing deeply. After birth I felt elated and fantastic, as if nothing had happened Nicole Weller

Thank you for your teachings. This childbirth was very different from the 1st one. It was natural and I felt great afterwards. It showed me what a real birth is and should be. Mariela

Your classes helped me tremendously in labour. The mind preparation, believing in your body and self as you encouraged us to do was a great help for me to have the natural birth I had planned. Thank you very much and see you for baby number 2! Simone Scott

I am so grateful to you for your guidance & knowledge. Thank you for helping me experience my sons birth as a truly positive, profound and joyous occasion Kecia

The visualization & breathing method Corinne had taught me helped lessen the pain of the contractions, and I felt much in control of what was going on and more aware of what was happening during labour and delivery. I thank you for helping me go through childbirth feeling positive and aware of just how much I could contribute towards childbirth. Helen Coroneo

PowerBirth during my pregnancy taught me deep breathing, relaxation, inner calm and it gave me positive thoughts and inner strength. I strongly believe your classes had helped me be and stay in control throughout my labour with no pain relief, and contributed to feeling good about myself in caring for my child for the future. It was a most enjoyable experience. 

Suzie Marks

The breathing and the ability to keep my mind focused helped me so much. This childbirth was a most amazing experience. 

Sonia Ferlauto

My birth experience was very positive and exhilarating for me and my husband. The PowerBirth classes contributed to my childbirth being peaceful and uplifting. The visualization and breathing techniques enabled me to focus on the delivery and not on the pain. Yoga prepared my mind & body to have the best possible delivery Kathy Ireland

The breathing techniques shown in your PowerBirth classes were used throughout my pregnancy and labour. I was able to stay calm & focused in labour and Yoga helped with my recovery as well. Silvia Azzopavai

My attending your PowerBirth classes helped me to have a wonderful child birthing experience. The practice of focusing and relaxation were the most beneficial during my labour. I felt exhilarated watching the birth of my daughter. Simone Davis

PowerBirth proved very useful in preparing for childbirth. The classes were part of some of the most enjoyable times of my pregnancy The classes made me realize that I can strengthen my mind to deal with the challenges of delivery Thanks so much for being part of the important beginning path of this mysterious journey of being a mother Yoga with you was great fun. Yumi Lee

I feel that without attending your prenatal classes my birthing experience would not have been as positive. It strengthened my mind and prepared me mentally and taught me focusing techniques and concentration. I also learnt not to be frightened of birthing., The main thing that helped me was the most inspiring focusing techniques taught in the class. Clare Finch

I am usually tense and worried at the best of times! I am so happy I attended your PowerBirth classes. I am sure that my birth went so successfully because of them. Im absolutely thrilled at the outcome and amazed at how relaxed I even feel now. Thanks again and Im sure I will see you in the not too distant future Lisa Follows

Thank you for everything. You have taught me how to be positive and prepared me mentally and physically for childbirth. This allowed me to have a wonderful and memorable experience of childbirth. It has also made the transition into motherhood a more pleasurable experience. Nicole McLachlan

Corinne I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable support, wisdom and strength. I thoroughly enjoyed coming to your classes, listening to you and learning. You are an everlasting source of strength and light. You voice was with me throughout the whole day! Tina

I used visual focusing and breathing that I had learnt during class to get me through the harder moments, to focus my thoughts on my child and remain positive. I would recommend your PowerBirth classes to any expectant mother, as I feel that it prepared me more for childbirth than any of the other classes I attended. Tracey McLauchlin

Thank you for everything that you taught me. Throughout the pregnancy I was never scared of the birth and I attribute this to the positive attitude that you teach in your classes. I will see you again for my next pregnancy! Kelly Cotterill

I am glad that I attended your PowerBirth classes. I found them to be very positive and inspiring. I really believe that it helped me a lot and contributed to making my experience of childbirth very rewarding and satisfying. I definitely hope to see you again next time I am pregnant. Thanks again for your empowering words. Angela Henson

Thank you so much for your classes and the support you give to everyone. It would never have entered my mind to have such a natural labour. You will see me again in a couple of years Nadine

Thanks for the opportunity of being part of your classes, I really enjoyed them as well as my birthing experience. I am sure I will see you again for my second pregnancy. Allison Grasso

I would like to say thank you for your guidance and advice during my pregnancy. Your personal thoughts are inspirational and I gained confidence and strength in your class. Karen Rawstron

Thanks for all your guidance in the PowerBirth classes that allowed me to relax and better get through the labour of our first baby. Listening to others birth stories was fantastic and I learnt far more hearing these than anywhere else. Looking forward to your classes our next time around! Susanne Tocher

The difference with my 1st labour was unbelievable and all to PowerBirth. Thank you Corinne for helping me make my childbirth a beautiful experience. Claudine Hardy

Thank you for all your words of wisdom and advice throughout. You helped me see a different side of the wonder of birth and helped me reflect on my own thoughts and beliefs. I believe that this is what is important, not what the outcome was. See you with my next birth!. Matilda

A huge thank you for everything. I believe your classes and positive stories made all the difference, especially since I was completely surrounded by negative people with horrible stories. See you again for our next baby. Ashlea Downie

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