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This class is intended for students who need support for their practice. The wall, ropes and chairs are used to guide, support and assist correct alignment. 

Using props is not a sign of weakness but a smart move!

It allows you to continue to practise at the level you’re at - not to diminish but to enhance your practice.

The use of yoga props has many advantages. Props in yoga are understood as being anything, hands, feet, wall, ropes and the whole range of yoga props; bolsters, blocks, belts etc… that will assist in supporting, extending, opening, guiding and learning. They can be used to support the body such as when reclining on a bolster or using the ropes to take the load off the lower limbs in standing poses, to extend the backs of the legs further in the Dog pose by placing blocks under the heels or to use the ropes for spinal traction, to guide us into correct alignment using the wall for standing poses, to expand the chest as in reclining on blocks etc… 

There are literally hundreds of ways that the props can be used, and for each pose so many props variations are available. Props may be used for beginners to help them to extend and move deeper into a pose without compromising alignment as well as to guide them into correct alignment. Props are also used extensively in therapy for instance to correct joint misalignment or when recovering from an injury or illness, we also use them to assist in the learning of more challenging poses, and props are equally a wonderful aid for the older practitioners who may require support. 


Using props to support your practice will :


  • Make the poses more accessible,

  • Allow longer holds without compromising your joints and time to self adjust and correct,

  • Create more stability which helps maintain a peaceful and focused mind,

  • Enhance muscular activation,

  • Increase your confidence,

  • Assist in deeper stretch without losing alignment,

  • Help refine your practice,

  • Create space and length


Please note This class is suitable if you have done our Beginners course and for new students with some yoga experience. This is not a remedial or therapy class and may not be suitable if you have a medical condition or limited mobility. If you are a senior please consider our 60+ morning classes. Please email Corinne if you have any questions.

Class is limited to 8 students

TERM 2: 


When: Wednesday 26 April - 28 June (10 weeks)


Time: 6.00-7.00pm

Cost: $230.00

FOR CASUAL ATTENDANCE please use a term yoga pass

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