Hatha 60+


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Who comes and who is it for?

This is a friendly and wonderful class with dedicated and beautiful students, many of whom have been attending regularly for some years. This class is suitable for older students but equally welcomes any students, who may require more support for their practice. For instance, if you are recovering from an illness or injury this class will help you to continue with your yoga practice in a way that will support your present condition.

Suitable  if you have no or little yoga experience.

What do we do in this class?

Correct alignment is definitely our focus as well as proper support for the needs of each student. We use a lot of props to support the body, so that correct joint alignment is not compromised. Students learn to use the props for their own needs and whilst some may use a chair, others may go to the floor, some may sit cross legged, others may keep their legs straight etc...

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60+ Yoga  Hills Yoga.JPG

What else?

We learn to listen to our bodies, and practise as deeply as we can, in a way that will continue to bring benefits, without going into pain or aggravating the condition.


We do a lot of standing and balancing poses to keep our legs strong, we move all our joints to maintain good range of movements, we open, lengthen, stretch our trunk to stay tall!


We do belly work for core strength and protect our backs, we do relaxation and breathing, we use chairs, straps, bolsters, blocks, wooden sticks, pads, the floor, the wall and partners and whatever else Corinne's imagination brings to class!

Your Commitment

TERM 4 : Thursday 13 October - 15 December

10.00 - 11.15am 


Cost: $195.00

Because of the nature of this class, we ask new students to commit to the Term by purchasing a 60+ Term Pass. This is not a drop in class. Once you have done a term and learnt the ropes, you may attend as a casual student, however priority is given to regulars.

A Doctor's clearance is required to attend this class if you have a medical condition. 


Please note this class is most suitable if you are healthy and reasonably fit!

Hybrid classes 

The class is delivered both in person + online via zoom. Students can choose to do the class at the studio or online from home 

Studio class is limited to 12 students

Online class You need yoga experience. Online teaching does not allow for personal care of injuries and health issues. Participants need to be able to handle their restrictions during the practice.

Studio FULL
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