Online Classes

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Term 3: Monday 12 July - Thursday 2 September

When: Mondays (Kim) & Thursdays  (Corinne) 6.00 - 7.00pm

Classes are suitable for all levels of practice (not for beginners or new to yoga) If you have done our Beginners Course you are welcome to attend our online sessions. 


Some props will be used. Options will be given whenever possible for students with no props.

You will need a yoga mat. One or two blocks + a belt would be useful.

Please note that online teaching does not allow for personal care of injuries and health issues. Participants need to be able to handle their restrictions during the practice.

About your class:

  • We do not record online classes

  • Online classes must not be recorded by students.

  • Students will be asked to keep their video on. 

    Our teaching online is interactive. As in-person classes we pay attention to our students and give verbal adjustment and correction as needed. 


  • You will need to setup your yoga space before the class starts so you are ready for your class. 

  • Be facing the camera and if possible have a wall space. We need to see your full body when standing.

What you need to do to join:


  • Purchase a pass 

  • Sign up to for free, download and install the app on your device



Once you have purchased your online pass you will automatically receive a link for each class.

Fees are per person + passes are for the term, non-refundable and




“Thank you for tonight. It was lovely to have yoga to look forward to and over the next months, we will need it more than ever. We all appreciate what you are offering.” 


—  Melissa