Workshops with Avishai Barnatan


SOUNDSHOWER: Saturday 22 June | 7.00-8.30pm


Come bathe in pure sounds that will take you on a deeply transformational journey.

"Avishai’s Soundshower represents a powerful prescription for calming brain activity, lowering blood pressure,

and reducing breathing and heart rates, physiologic states that help reverse the damaging effects of

today’s world of chronic stress."   Bruce H. Lipton PhD, stem cell biologist and author


 The Soundshower combines chimes, tibetan bowls, flutes and vocal harmonics. During a session you will be invited to lie down and immerse in vibrations created by these special instruments. Throughout the “Shower” different instruments are carried around the room and sometimes placed physically on the body. Flutes and voice are used to create a unique and magical musical journey, and overtones charge the brain and energise the body. Being exposed to these healing frequencies enhances a physical, mental and emotional calibration to the human body and energy field . Pure frequencies shift and release stagnant energy and tension accumulated in the body .The Soundshower re-aligns and harmonizes body/mind and is a very relaxing and refreshing experience. It releases stress and anxiety increasing focus clarity and insight.

Cost: $40.00

VOCAL TONING: Sunday 23 June | 11.00am - 3.00pm

Raise your vibration.

The Vocal Toning workshop is a fun and profound vocal exploration. Learn some simple vocal toning exercises and gain powerful tools for your own practice and healing. In a safe supportive environment you can learn how to use your voice for releasing stress and blockages, increasing harmony and clarity and raising your vibration.
Toning has a neurochemical effect on the body, boosting the immune system and causing the release of endorphins. Toning assists in good breathing and posture, giving the body an inner massage and stimulation. It also helps us to release stress and repressed emotions. Regular toning and humming helps to re-energize the body and restore health to the mind, body and spirit.

Cost: $90.00

Cost: both workshops $110.00

Availability: Limited to 30 students per workshop. 

Please note that this workshop is also advertised outside Hills Yoga and that Avishai's workshops sell out.

Avishai Barnatan

Multi instrumentalist, producer and Sound therapist Avishai Barnatan plays a variety of exotic wind instruments. He was initially inspired to play music during his extensive travels where he experienced the power of music as a universal language and the immediate way it created unity and opened hearts everywhere he went. Following this realisation, Avishai became a full time musician involved in many musical and healing projects and has toured internationally with his band Sheva.

Since 1990 Avishai has been exploring the nature of sound and its therapeutic qualities as a tool for physical & emotional transformation and healing. Inspired by modern scientific research as well as ancient esoteric and mystic knowledge, he has developed his own style of soundhealing . He facilitates group and private sessions with people of diverse backgrounds and conditions such as various addictions, anxiety and stress-related symptoms, applying different techniques of vibrational therapy. These sessions are a deeply nourishing experience.

Avishai has facilitated “Soundshowers” in festivals such as Wanderlust, Byron Spirit festival, Evolve Yoga fest, Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival and Uplift festival. He regularly holds sessions at Yoga studios around Australia.

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