If you are aiming for a natural childbirth or want to optimise your childbirth

this is for you!

"Many women I care for attend PowerBirth and again the results are often very positive" 

Dr Greg Jenkins (Birth is not time for war, June 2012) 

Join me for an empowering & rewarding childbirth!

What is PowerBirth?

PowerBirth® is about Natural & Peaceful Child birthing, Self-reliance and effortlessness.

One of the first natural birth courses offered in Sydney, PowerBirth® is a unique  and holistic mind/body birth preparation that has helped thousands of women to birth most naturally and peacefully. 

This program supports wellbeing and fitness in your pregnancy and trains your mind to remain passive, promoting a mental and physical state of calmness in labour that will allow your body to work most efficiently without mind interference! PowerBirth® emphasises the need to understand the mind-body connection and how they influence each other.

Its Origin

Created in 1999 PowerBirth® was registered in May 2003 and the name was chosen to reflect the experience of power mothers felt during their childbirth, as well as feeling strengthened by their positive birth outcome. PowerBirth® is about effortlessness and non-doing in childbirth and it is based on the author's personal experience of a self-reliant, stress-free, painless, natural, quick and easy homebirth. It supports the beliefs that childbirth does not need to be painful, that a labouring woman does not need to suffer and that we all as women have the potential to experience a positive childbirth, free of stress, fear and suffering. We have all the resources we need within ourselves and it is a matter of being able to access and utilise them. 

Why attend PowerBirth®?

  1. No time wasted duplicating the content of your hospital antenatal classes or  other courses on the market

  2. It's holistic. We cover the Mind and Body to keep you fit and healthy in pregnancy and keep you calm in childbirth

  3. No crash course. We understand that for the teaching to be correctly assimilated, regular progressive practice is needed over a period of time

  4. Thousands of mothers have already benefited from the teaching of PowerBirth,

  5. Hills Midwives and Obstetricians have seen the difference and support PowerBirth.

What we learn

We learn NOT to produce pain in the first place, as PowerBirth starts from the premise that a contraction does not have to be painful.

We train our mind to remain in the state of Focus & Relaxed Awareness during childbirth. A mind state that is present but passive and does not interfere with the natural physiological process of childbirth. 

We reconnect to proper breathing so that you naturally breathe well in childbirth. 

We develop inner awareness so that you will be able to gain knowledge from within during child birthing. 


We cultivate self-reliance so that you can take care of yourself in childbirth and have no fear. 

Who comes to PowerBirth?

Women who have been recommended by a friend or a professional, women who are expecting their 1st or 2nd baby and want to optimise their childbirth and/or are aiming for a natural childbirth, women who are coming back with their 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, women who are disappointed with their 1st, 2nd childbirth and want to increase their chance of a normal/natural labour.

Important Notice

You do not need  yoga experience BUT you need to come with an open mind to allow yourself to explore new ideas and possibilities, and the willingness to re-evaluate your image of birth and your beliefs if necessary. 


We have found that learning 2 different systems can be confusing as well as conflicting. For these reasons if you have already completed a childbirth preparation program (other than antenatal classes from your hospital) we advise that you do not book into PowerBirth® Program but attend Simply Prenatal Yoga instead. Unless you are dissatisfied with a previous method it is best that you stay with your previous teachings. 



Thanks again for your advice and guidance as I undertook the  PowerBirth course for the second time. Your passion and commitment to  seeing women have the best birth experience they can is evident in every session and I have found it to be a very valuable experience, not just for birth but also for my own relaxation, mindfulness and strength as I experience motherhood for the second time.

Kelly, June 2005

"I had a very short labour, which was very intense but the skills I learned in PowerBirth helped me achieve a natural birth with no complications.  My husband was a great advocate for what I wanted, which is the most important thing he learnt from your couple workshop. Jane also had an amazingly quick labour and looked wonderfully happy and well. Thank you for your wonderful classes!"

Cost: $450 includes

Your PB course + couple workshop + manual + prenatal yoga chart

A flat rate of $300 (course + couple) is offered to mothers returning to PB within 2 years of previous course.


Make sure you can commit to all your classes. Keep your course's days free for the duration of your course.  Make up classes are not available. A missed class can be covered by arranging a private session charged $90 for 1 hour to be done before your next session. 


Some of the things you will Learn

Mind Centering Techniques, to strengthen your Mind and train it to remain focused & calm. Mental and emotional steadiness will allow for more and deeper physical relaxation which will support your working uterus by minimising tension and reducing pain production. As a result of your regular practice you will develop mental stamina, reduce or eliminate pain and rediscover your inner strength and learn how to use it.

How to avoid drugs & unnecessary intervention


Effective management of intervention.

To understand your birthing environment & how to use it to your own advantage.

Stay fit & healthy in pregnancy & use yoga for some common ailments

About the course:

Classes are structured in a sequential manner & content is not repeated. We train the mind progressively from simple practices to the state of Focus & Relaxed Awareness (FRA). Each week we deepen and cultivate the mind state that you will take into your childbirth. Empowering birthstories demonstrating self reliance, mental calm, ease and short births from 1st timers and other inspiring stories such as fully self managed births are presented at the beginning of each class.

Class content: pregnancy yoga postures, breathing, mind training, relaxation training & led relaxation, pelvic floor awareness, visual imagery on birth processes, motivational talks, knowledge sharing and many pregnancy & childbirth issues are addressed weekly.  

Yoga Practice is specifically designed for pregnancy. Our purposeful pregnancy yoga practice focuses on alignment, breath, inward attention, lengthening the spine, opening the chest & hips and relaxation. Much of what we do is to counteract bad posture, improper breathing, muscular tightness and low energy mothers may experience through the day. Specific practice is given to remedy conditions such as sciatica, back pain, heart burn, correct positioning of the baby etc... 

Couple workshop This workshop focuses on the PB concept, the role of your partner within the PB concept and on understanding your birthing environment. The aim is to empower your partner through knowledge that will help him manage the birth environment, communicate effectively, prevent unnecessary interruptions/intervention and back you up!