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YOGA THERAPY FOR THE HIP - a personal experience

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

June 2016 – Sep 2018 : Yoga Therapy For The Hip.

Hip arthritis was confirmed in 2013. At the time tightness around my lower back, above the affected hip and sore buttock were present. I continued with my full teaching schedule and own practice, as well as remedial massages to assist with tightness. Restrictions progressed through the years with sensitive and tight hip flexors.

Hip restrictions in the last 2 years prior to the THA were; external rotation in the front leg standing asanas, thigh abduction (Upavistha Konasan, Prasarita Padottanasan) and hip weakness. Forward bends were unaltered and still deep, inversions were fine, but could no longer lift with both legs and some backbends were still manageable. During this time I modified my yoga practice to support my hip, exercised in my pool in spring and summer and hopped onto my stationary rower and bicycle. My primary focus was to avoid inflammation, to keep my joint aligned, mobile and stable as much as possible.

During 2019 my hip deteriorated. I could not run, the hip would hurt within 30 minutes of walking and I had lost muscle mass and strength in both legs. In December 2019 I had a hip replacement and I was back teaching mid January 2020.