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Discover the power of yoga with door and belt!

Don't have yoga ropes? Use a door and a belt instead!

Here are some examples of how to use a door and a belt for your home practice.

Purvottanasan (Reverse Plank) using door and belt

Yoga with door and belt

Use the belt as you would use the yoga ropes in class. Keep the belt taut for all the poses. In standing poses the supporting leg is perpendicular to the ground as in the unsupported standing poses e.g Tree pose. The integrity of the pose must be maintained when using the belt, in fact alignment and extension of the body and limbs can be enhanced because of the support we get from the belt.

Secure the door and place the belt around the door knobs as photos below.

Examples of standing poses: Down Dog, Tree, Hand to Big Toe I, Hand to Big Toe II, Triangle, Extended Triangle, Intense Side Stretch, Revolved Triangle.

Examples of seated and backbends: Staff pose, Marichi I, Camel, Reverse Plank



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