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Yoga Asanas - How does it work and how do you benefit from your practice?

The practice of yoga postures or asanas, exercises and works systematically on every part of your body, toning your muscles and lubricating your joints, keeping your spine supple and working on your internal organs, hormonal glands and nerves. Asanas boost the metabolism, lymphatic and blood circulation and hormonal secretions.

The practice of asanas pays particular attention to the spine, as it is believed that when the spine is healthy, all systems and organs function better. For this reason yoga postures work on the spine by way of four spinal movements - forward, back, side bends and twists. Movements of the spine strengthen and release tension of the surrounding muscles. They release blocked energy and promote proper energy flow.

Asanas work on and stimulate your internal organs by way of muscular contractions that squeeze and flush fresh blood to them. Alternate stretching and contracting increases blood circulation.