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Yoga During Menstruation

Updated: May 18, 2022

To soothe, relax & release tension during menstruation.

Stay up to 15 minutes in each pose.

Use other props if you do not have a bolster.

This time of the month can be supported with a restorative, soothing and cooling yoga practice that will help relax and release tension in your abdomen, and calm your mind.

Poses to PRACTICE DURING MENSTRUATUON: poses that keep the abdomen soft, release tension from abdomen & back, promote mental calmness, are cooling, relaxing and nurturing (supported forwards, supported reclined & breathing practice).

Poses to AVOID DURING MENSTRUATION: Poses that reverse the flow (inversions), poses that compress the abdomen, uterus or create heat (deep twists & deep backbends).


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