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30 minutes Backbend - Back Release

You may vary the time you stay in each pose. You may omit the poses you are not familiar with, or select a set of poses you would like to focus on. If you have the time, practise the whole sequence.

Props used in this sequence: 1 bolster, 2 blocks, 1 chair, 1 blanket, 1 belt

Caution: Some of the poses in this sequence may not be suitable for back or knee problems. Only basic instructions are provided. Body alignment and the positioning of props mostly relies on photos. This sequence is thus intended for students with a regular yoga practice and who are already familiar with the poses in this content.

Reclined Hero, Supported Forward Hero, Downward Facing Dog, Half Handstand

Awakening: Reclined Hero 3 minutes, all other poses 1 minute each.

Reclined Supported Stretches: Upper Back, Mid Back & Pelvic Stretch, Reclined Supported Hero arm variations

Opening: Each pose 1 minute.

Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog, Locus, Downward Facing Down

Preparing: Downdog-updog 5 times, Locust variation lift-release 5 times: slowly flow from one pose to the other synchronising the breath. You can also hold the pose (Up Dog & Locust) for 5 breaths on the 5th repeat. Downdog is held 1 minute.

Hero, Camel, Downward Facing Dog, Bridge

Back Bending: Flow evenly from Hero to Camel to Hero 5 times (Start from Hero, hands on heels, press your pelvis forward into Camel, keep your hands on heels and release your pelvis down to Hero).

Downdog 1 minute (support your heels to a wall if you need to keep your heels raised).

Bridge lift-release 5 times (use a belt if you cannot reach your ankles, have a blanket under your shoulders if you need to support your neck, have a block between your thighs to keep your knees inline with your hips).

Slowly flow from one pose to the other synchronising the breath.

You can also hold the pose (Camel & Bridge) for 5 breaths on the 5th repeat.

Supported Forward Release, Seated X Legged Twist, Downward Facing Dog

Release 1: Supported Forward Release can be held 1 minute each, Seated Twist hold each side for 5 breaths, Downdog 5 breaths.

Legs Up The Wall & variation, Supported Savasan

Release 2: Legs Up The Wall (flat) 3 minutes, Variation 1 minute, Savasan (a block can be placed between the thighs) 3 minutes or more.



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